Zephyra’s favorite Druid Spells:


Frostbite (UM):
touch; 1d6 +1/lv nonlethal cold damage; target fatigued (-2str-2dex) until damage recovered from

Engangle (CRB):

Ray of Sickening (UM):
Ray. Fort negates. Target sickened (-2 AR, saves, skills) for 1min/lv.

Summon Minor Ally (UM):
1rd/lv. Summons 1d3 tiny or smaller allies (owl/hawk). Nice with augmented summoning.


Wilderness Soliders (UC):
1 rd/level, 30ft radius, can direct following attacks with attack bonus/CMB at BAB+wis: Tree attacks for 1d8 + wis + 1/3lvl damage; alternatively bull rush/overrun/reposition with same reach; undergrowth grapples foe, heavy undergrowth with 2 CMB bonus; can deal 1d4wis damage to grappled opponent

Frostfall (UC):
1/2 rd/level; 5-foot radius burst, 25+5ft/2lvl, fortitude partial: 2d6 cold damage, staggers creatures (fortitude negates) for 1 round; 1d6 cold damage subsequent rounds (no stagger)

Wartrain Mount (UM):
1hr/lv, animal gains combat training (general purpose), superseding previous tricks

Frigid Touch (UM):
ranged touch, 4d6 cold damage (no save), target staggered 1rd (1min on crit)

Stone Call (UM):
40-ft radius, 20ft-high; 100ft+10/level range; 2d6 bludgeoning damage to all creatures, terrain becomes difficult for 1rd/level

Pox Pustules (APG):
25+5ft/2lv, 1min/lv, fort negates: target gets -4 dex and is sickened (move action negates sickened condition until start of subsequent turn)

Feast of Ashes (APG):
Fortitude negates; 2days/lv; 25+5ft/lv: target begins to starve. Attempting to eat results in nausea. (Starving: 1d6 nonlethal damage, fatigued condition). Remove curse/break enchantment, miracles, and wishes can remove this

Lockjaw (UM):
1rd/lv: Creature gains grab ability with natural attack

Flaming Sphere (CRB):
1rd/lv; 5ft-diameter; 100ft+10ft/lv; moves 30ft/lev; 3d6 fire damage on entring same square as creature (reflex negates), move action to command

Barkskin (CRB):
10min/lv; + 2 natural AC + 1/3lv above 3rd


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