Kingmaker Book 1: In Progress

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A party has formed in the lands of Brevoy. Called together by divine – or perhaps demonic – influences (or maybe just the promise of free soda), adventurers quest to clear the land of dangers and bring law to a lawless wilderness.

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A word of business: we may consider pooling gold for some basic adventuring gear. Like some rope (language warning).

PFS rules will be used unless stated otherwise: Guide 4.1. All PCs are considered part of the Brevoy “faction” giving them access to Kingmaker Campaign traits along with any other non-faction legal PFS traits. For info on additional resources beyond the Core Rulebook and Kingmaker Player’s Guide see this link. For additional PFS rules and nuances of the game review this FAQ.

Changes to PFS rules follow:

- Craft Feats such as Scribe Scroll and Brew Potion are allowed.
- Animal Companions, Familiars, etc. calculate hit points as PCs: Max for 1st HD + (die/2 + 1) thereafter. Example: for d8 → 8 (+ 5 (+ 5 … ))
- Coin weight does not affect encumbrance. It is assumed PCs would drop encumbering sacks of coins as a free action before combat.

The War on Horror

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